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Creek Road Guitars - praises…

From: Scott Baxendale [Formerly of Mossman Guitars], Owner of Baxendale Guitar

Kent is very knowledgeable and skilled with the vast array of instruments that were once considered economy instruments that are now part of the mainstream. I don't know anyone who knows more about Harmony and Kay guitars.

February 9, 2015

Scott, who mentored Kent, is featured in the video "Perfect Timing" directed by Kent of Creek Road Guitars.

DBT Mike Cooley’s Guitar

(Created by: Scott Baxendale)

“I can’t say enough about Kent’s knowledge on guitar fixing or luthier as they say it.  He goes 100 % on his projects and they all turn out like masterpieces.  When I first got the ’35 Epiphone I didn’t know what to do.  I saw some of his work and was impressed so I contacted him about the guitar.  He accepted the challenge and I couldn’t be happier how it turned out.  I would recommend him to anyone.  He goes above and beyond and it really shows in his work.”

Wayne Randall

Happy Customer Wayne

With his 1935 Epiphone

“Kent is a person who pays attention to details, be it as a filmmaker or luthier, and it shows in his work. Creek Road Guitars is Kent's world and a place where guitars - especially Harmony guitars - get the best care when it comes to repair or restoration (or 'resurrection' as Kent likes to say). Yes, he has competition in this business but you will never go wrong with Kent, and your guitar(s) will be in hands of a professional luthier who takes pride in his work.”

Old Man Smith

Happy Customer Oldman Smith

With his Harmony Guitar